Str8 Stuck With Me “Dark” Lash Adhesive

$3.00 $6.00

STR8Stuck with Me “Lash Adhesive”

The ultimate lash adhesive to “SECURE THE LASH”

•Dark Adhesive

  • Dries jet black
  • Blends with eyeliner
  • Adds depth and intensity to your lash line with lash application
  • Provides an illusion of transparency between your lash line and lash strip

•Quick Dry


•Brush on application (to allow glue preservation)

•Sleek design

•Travel size (to keep in your makeup kit/handbag) 4 ml.

•Formaldehyde free



Ingredients: water, Rubber latex, Cellulose Gum, Coumarin


Caution: Use only as directed. Keep adhesive out of children’s reach. Avoid the glue from going internally into your eye. In the case the glues gets into your eye, please take the safety measures to wash immediately immersing your eyes into semi-cold water for 8-10 minutes. Call your doctor or go to the nearest medical facility in the case you need further assistance.


Storage: Keep glue at room temperature. Exposures to very low temperatures will make the product no longer useable. Do “not” freeze this product.