Body W8ve 5x5 "Closure" L8ced Luxury Wigs


Beautiful Large wave hair texture ocean like wave pattern “Body W8ve” Lace closure wig

180% Density

5x5 closure

Lace: (see str8help sheet regards tinting your lace to match your skin tone)

Color: Natural hair color

Hair Texture: Foreign Curly (suggestion: please ref str8help sheet. Our curly hair is suggested to be wet prior to coming for care purposes. Input water into a spray bottle and add conditioner in the spray bottle and/or apply conditioner to hands and rub onto the hair after wetting initially. Apply conditioner and comb through again. As hair dries beautifully its at your discretion to spray again for the look you are going for. Wet provided a sleek natural look. Dry the volume of the hair increases and gives a full look).

Lifespan: 3+ years w/proper care

Top quality raw brazilian handcrafted hair 



  • You are purchasing a wig that is not styled or customized 
  • Knots need to be bleached
  • Once installed wigs can be worn glueless or glued
  • All wigs come with combs included in the wig cap and adjustable straps for a secure fit (additional bands can be sewn own if desired)
  • All wig caps are medium 22.5” circumference (standard size) *larger size caps available at no additional cost 23.5” (this is a custom order)
  • All wigs are 180% density *200% density is available at an additional cost and considered a custom order (please send an inquiry through our contact form)
  • When applying the wig to allow for a more natural look, we suggest using a skin tone stocking cap
  • Our wigs can be used up to 3 years+ if well taken care of
  • If this is your first time trying a wig and you are glueing the wig on (we suggest you do a test on your hand "skin" to assure no allergic reaction prior to doing so
  • You understand that some wigs (ie 613 may have longer processing times if customized) 32”+ are special order
  • You understand if purchasing a wig they are lightly plucked, they are all handmade and wigs vary wig to wig with manufacturing
  • You understand the wig does not come styled
  • You understand that some wigs may have a slight smell (this is due to the longevity of the process in which a byproduct is used for preservation of the hair textures)
  • You understand that all hair sheds (our hair does not shed an extensive amount, however minimal shedding is expected)
  • You understand that maintenance of the hair is required just as your natural hair *if coloring we suggest rinsing with conditioner after coloring instead of shampooing as it may strip your color again. Please not to be careful and rinse all conditioner out when your doing a shampoo and conditioner treatment. Conditioner and any other oils remaining in the hair will make the wigs heavy and weighed down with lack of body
  • You understand that each wig needs to be customized to your head personally (plucked parting, bleached knots and lace cut for hair line)
  • You have read the product description in its entirety and fully understand the product that you are ordering.  
  • You understand and agree to Str8beatnochas refund policy.  
  • You understand that once an order is submitted no changes or cancellations can be made (including item changes, shipping address changes, etc).
  • You understand the order processing time can be up to 4-5 days and the shipping time based on the standard usps processing time can be 3-5 business days (please see our shipping section)
  • You understand that we only offer for the sake of our customers 5x5 closures (the extended wider size closure) to allow you a wider closure for somewhat of a frontal look if a closure is your preference and 13x4 frontals


see care sheet and the str8help sheet for more information on ordering and FAQ's

SHIPPING: up to 5 BUSINESS DAYS (must process order first)

Processing Time: up to 4 days
Direct signature required


No return, no exchange