Moriah “beatbymo”

This week’s MUA in the spotlight is the amazing Moriah; social media known as @beatbymo. I have been following Moriah for quite some time now and it all began when I would see her outstanding work shown on the Instagram popular page. I was drawn to her work instantly as I could really see her skills were above and beyond “without a filter”. Many of her clients get a natural face that is contoured to the “makeup gods”! The blending, pop of lip color and naturally shaded brows are unquestionably done to perfection. I literally comment on every Instagram post as her work never ceases to amaze me. The most fundamental key any MUA or business owner can have is humility along with friendliness. Moriah has always shown both fundamentals in my opinion since the first time I interacted with her. As you can see many of her clients are regulars and that speaks volumes! Moriah has just recently joined a new location at Q11 Studio in Southfield, Michigan. If you’re looking to book with her and check out her work, please see the links below. I appreciate your continuous support in Str8beatnochasa and wish you much success in your current and future endeavors.

Interested in booking with Moriah “beatbymo”? See below for contact information

E-mail: | @beautybymo