This week’s MUA in the spotlight is the humble, creative and multi-talented young man social media known as sliick_riich. What is insanely crazy is the simple fact that I have never personally met Deejay in person! It’s amazing when social media can be used in a positive way in regards to connecting with talented and good-hearted individuals! After following Deejay for some time now, I became intrigued by his flawless work! There was a post of a young lady in which he did months ago and when it hit my timeline it was as if I instantaneously lost my breath! The face was so well blended and the contour could light up an entire city okay! The grace behind his work, detail in his videos and happiness behind his clients once completed is beyond refreshing. There is nothing better than being “beat to death” but also being serviced by someone who is in love with what they do! Wishing you many years of success and blessings! Thanks for supporting Str8beatnochasa! Be sure to check out a video of his work in the featured video section from the home page.

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E-mail: | @sliick_riich