Lash Stash Care Instructions

PROTECT YOUR LASH STASH! Our luxurious and well engineered rigid packaging encompasses a magnetic closing to protect your eyelashes from wear, tear and destruction while traveling or just to look pretty on your vanity! After each use please complete the following steps:

  • Remove eyelashes from each eye
  • Remove carefully the dried glue from each eyelash (using your left hand if your right handed, hold the eyelash with your thumb, index and middle finger and with your right index finger and thumb carefully remove the glue from the eyelash. Repeat for both lashes and use opposing directions if left handed).
  • After removal of glue place eyelashes back on the clear tray and place back into the storage box.
  • Place your storage box in the location of your choice or take them with you
  • You are now ready for the next use

Please note that eyelashes should have the ability to be reused for approximately 20 applications or more if cared for and used properly (this may very from person to person)