Designed to provide the ultimate experience for attendees with a (step by step) process of "beating" a full face. It is critical to attend Part 1 and 2 of the classes or a requirement to be an advanced MUA looking to enhance your skills.

  • Overview of the process flow (includes a quick demo done on a model in the front of the class)
    • There will be no interruptions and questions will be addressed at the end of the class or while assisting during the hands on portion
    • Understanding the remaining steps left after completing Part 1 and 2
      • Blush application
      • Lip application
  • Understanding the proper way to apply each application
  • Step by Step brochure provided to all attendees which includes; all steps in completing a full face, brow tutorial, product overview, face log and skin regimen suggestions
  • Overview of the basics of; Eyebrow filling, contouring, foundation application, eyeshadow application, eyelash application, baking, product overview and skin care regimen
  • Q&A to answer questions that you may have never gotten answers to and/or questions in which will assist you in your practice at home/ questions pertaining specifically to you


Kit provided and Certificate of Completion included (please bring kits from 1 and 2 to complete full kit):

Kit Includes: Lip liner, lip stick, blush, blush brush and setting spray

The completion of Part 1's class will allow for an easier flow of Part 2's class and less time consumption on minor questions gained from prior class. Many attendees are beginners and that is AWESOME! However, some attendees may have a vast knowledge of makeup application and would like to advance in their slay! Both are great reasons to attend my classes!

Part 2's class will be taught at a faster pace than Part 1. Reason being is due to the fact that the initial process should be well practiced and understood from the prior class and the main hands on focus being Part 2. I believe I have stressed the importance of why it is key to attend all sessions. After hosting 2 past classes, I have learned ways to improve as an instructor to assist in assuring a successful class. Time management is a major key and without knowing the key basics we will spend more time explaining in part 2 than learning the application, which is NOT how I would like to execute. My goal is to always provide equal attention to all attendees and assure the comfort of each and every one of you in going home to practice your craft.

Part 3’s class is where attendees will collaborate all 3 lessons learned and execute on your own post demo. The demo will be done as a refresher visual to assist in your execution. There will be no interruptions or questions answered during the demo. Attendees are expected to take notes of questions and ask at the end of the class or during the examination of the instructor while examining everyone individually during the hands on portion. I look forward in working with you all and having fun while doing so! This is a judgement free zone and a learning camp (So come positive and determined to learn)

For those of you who have not attended one of my hands on classes, a couple key points are shown below.

*IMPORTANT: These classes do not guarantee that you will leave beating a full face flawlessly. However the class is designed to assure that you know the proper way to apply your makeup as well as the process and products that should be used. Practice required