str8beat of the week

Is dedicated to showcasing our beautiful clients that kill the game in respect to rocking our products! The slayage is definitely real and we refuse to neglect the fact that the beauty of our supporters should be showcased right here on another one of our very own platforms! Many of our clients are also featured our social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook. Please be sure to email us your photos and/or tag our pages on @str8beatnochasa (Instagram) or Strbeat Nochasa (facebook) for a feature! Last but not least, the Str8beat of the week will also be contacted (emailed or DM) for a special discount to be used on the site at their discretion for a 1 time purchase (discount can not be combined with sales and/or other promotions at that time if active).

To be considered for Str8beat of the week you must

  • Hashtag #Sbnchh for your picture to be viewed
  • Page must be open (no private pages)
  • Tag @str8beatnochasa
  • include website (optional but highly suggested)