Beat Like A Boss Makeup Class

$300.00 $350.00

Beat Like a Boss Makeup Class!!!

This class is absolutely great to enhance your makeup skills whether your looking to become a Makeup Artist or for personal use. 



G-3490 miller rd 

flint,mi 48507

unit 14A


  • must have makeup knowledge (some form of experience in applying makeup as the class will have a medium pace and assistance will be given to others while taking breaks periodically during demo 
  • must arrive on time as class will begin and end on time 
  • must be open to constructive feedback 
  • must have good energy and positivity 
  • must wear black 


  • PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: a beginner friendly sample kit will be provided (no full bottles etc will be provided…once we figure out your colors we will bottle the samples and document the names)  necessary brushes for application of teachings, samples of products needed which will be matched to your face when you arrive and a brochure which describes step by step process for application
  • gift bags 
  • refreshments
  • luxury aesthetic 
  • the ability to save money going forward built on a formula that will be shared during class (if you currently pay for services) 
  • the ability to make money (if your a current MUA or an up and coming MUA)