Designed to provide the attendees with the hands on knowledge needed to complete eyes ONLY

  • Understanding the proper way to draw, conceal and blend the most beautiful brow and its many options
    • Some individuals prefer lighter brows vs dark (or vice versa), some individuals prefer a higher arch vs a more linear brow etc.
  • Understanding the basics of applying eyeshadow
  • Understanding of how to apply eye liner
    • A wing will be taught in Part 3
  • Understanding the proper way to apply and remove a lash
    • The lash removal will assist in teaching you how to maintain your lashes
  • Q&A to answer questions that you may have never gotten answers to and/or questions in which will assist you in your practice at home/ questions pertaining specifically to you


Kit provided and Certificate of Completion included.

Kit Includes: Brow pencil, concealer, brush, shadow, shadow brushes, eye liner, lash glue and lashes